Training, Development and Certification

Throughout the year, GHRA offers multiple courses that are made available to all levels of employment.  GHRA’s training programs and certifications have different rates for members and non-members and are available for different types of employees such as new hires, front line, supervisory, middle management, and executive positions.   Training topics include customer service, management, marketing, languages, cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, teamwork, coaching and motivation and technical training (e.g. human resources, forklift operations, OSHA required courses).  As a member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and National Restaurant Association, GHRA has access to industry training programs, certification programs, discounted books and training materials, a library of resources, and other industry related documents.

Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship

GHRA launched a Pre-Apprenticeship Program in August 2019. GHRA's Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a key component in its workforce development plan and provides industry training for incumbent workers, unemployed adults and displaced workers. The Pre-Apprenticeship Program develops skill sets for job placement, career advancement, job retention and satisfaction and serves an important role in creating a sustainable workforce.

Five of the courses were developed by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute's Skills, Tasks, and Results Training in the areas of facilities maintenance, kitchen cook, guestroom attendant, front desk representative, and restaurant server. The remaining two courses are developed by certified professionals in the fields of Occupational Health & Safety and Digital Marketing.

First Aid/CPR/AED, Basic Water Rescue & LifeGuard Training

GHRA raises funds through the annual Tourism Cup to pay for safety and security programs, including training with the American Red Cross (ARC).  ARC has several trainers responsible for First Aid / CPR / AED training as well as Basic Water Rescue and LifeGuard training.  GHRA has been focusing on programs that benefit industry employees and provide the necessary certifications required of the job in safety and security.  These are necessary skill sets required of the job in the event guests need assistance or are distressed in an emergency.  Ensuring Guam is a safe environment, it is essential for employers and employers to acquire all safety and security requirements of the job.

BTA Pesticides Training

The Guam Pesticide Act Basic Training - A (BT-A) is required for employees including, but not limited to, cleaners and janitors in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, apartment complexes or condominium complexes, nursing homes, or other non-private residences, and who apply general-use antibacterial, antimicrobials, sanitizers, fungicides, disinfectants, and other pesticides as part of their occupational duties.

Active Shooter Training

This training provides guidelines to individuals, including managers and employees, to prepare to respond to an active shooter situation and focuses on preparedness & prevention, Emergency Action Plan and components of an effective Emergency Action Plan.

Korean Language & Etiquette Training

With Eric Ji, participants can expect to increase their knowledge in understanding Korean culture and gain confidence and competency in servicing Korean guests.

Japanese Customer Service Training

Toshie Ito brings awareness on Japanese customers' expectations relative to customer service standards, while understanding the cultural difference and the types of gestures and expressions.

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