Engineering Environmental

Mission: Support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as a healthy, safe, clean and environmentally friendly holiday destination offering quality services to our visitors.

Duties: Address environmental, infrastructure and utility issues on a timely basis; maintain facilities in excellent and safe conditions; instill a sense of pride and quality in employees through superior knowledge of all aspects of engineering and environmental operations.


  •  Support the ongoing education of committee members on technology and energy-saving/ recyclable products and services.
  •  Coordinate, present and lobby the opinions of committee members to government and other respective agencies regarding engineering and environmental impact on the industry.
  •  Organize and coordinate technical training programs required by committee members.
  •  Support the interaction of committee members by encouraging the sharing of technical information, as well as provide assistance to other members and government agencies during crises.
  •  Keep GHRA Board of Directors up-to-date on any problems related to individuals or collective memberships and providing advice on resolving problems.
  •  Award and recognize properties with high standards of quality in an ongoing effort to encourage continuous support of tourism on Guam.