Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, distributor, retailer travel or tour agency, media company, entertainment and special attractions business, or someone who services such businesses, you have a vital interest in a health tourism and hospitality industry. Join the growing network of large and small businesses dedicated to superior hospitality standards and community-industry rapport.

GHRA members enjoy mutual support for their business goals and a strong, cohesive voice on issues of industry development, legislation education, and promotion. Together, members represent an immense resource, producing regional trade shows, annual scholarships, professional training through its Hospitality Institute and industry seminars, international conferences and much more. Here are just some of the benefits offered to GHRA members:


  1. Opportunity to participate in and promote your business directly to any one of the nine (9) standing committees of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association.
  2. Opportunity to participate in at least 4 promotional activities organized by GHRA, including the Pacific Hotel and Restaurant Expo, Tourism Appreciation Day, Guam Big Summer Festival and Pastries in Paradise.
  3. Opportunity to participate in 4 quarterly general membership meetings and 3 Hotelier & Restaurateur meetings on an annual basis.
  4. Professional fraternity with other member companies within GHRA.
  5. Discounts to members for advertising and promotional opportunities in the membership directory, quarterly Hospitality Guahan Publication, and website.
  6. Access to communications/distribution network (fax/e-mail) of GHRA and its members for promoting member products or services.

  1. Access to discounts on educational material from the American Hotel and Motel Association and the National Restaurant Association afforded to members of these organizations.
  2. Access to professional educational certification/designation through the American Hotel and Motel Association.
  3. Access to industry scholarships through the GHRA apprenticeship program with the Guam Community College.
  4. Twenty-five percent (25%) discount on courses offered through the Hospitality Institute at the Guam Community College.
  5. Low cost/no cost professional training offered by GHRA Committees.
  6. Access to a minimum of three annual workshops on various topics organized by GHRA with professional guest lecturers brought in from off-island.
  7. Annual Scholarships offered to member employees for the Hawaii International Hotel Institute, the ASO College Student Exchange Program, and the GCC Hospitality Institute.

  1. Coordination and representation with the Department of Public Health and Social Services through the Food & Beverage Committee.Coordination and representation with the Department of Public Health and Social Services through the Food & Beverage Committee.
  2. Coordination and representation with the Guam Community College, the University of Guam, the Department of Education, the Employers Council, and other educational institutions through the Human Resource & Education Committee.
  3. Coordination with the Guam Police Department, the Guam Fire Department and other law enforcement agencies through the Safety & Security Committee.
  4. Coordination and representation with the Guam Power Authority, Guam Waterworks Authority, Guam Telephone Authority and the Public Utilities Commission through the Engineering and Environmental Committee.
  5. Coordination with the Chamber of Commerce, Guam Visitors Bureau, the Department of Commerce, and the Guam International Airport Authority through the Public Relations and Marketing Committee.
  6. Coordination and representation with the Department of Parks and Recreation through the Social Sports Committee.
  7. Coordination and representation with the Guam Economic Development Authority and the Department of Revenue and Taxation through the Finance Committee.
  8. Coordination and representation with the Legislature and the Administration through the GHRA Board of Directors and the President.

  1. Access to monthly hotel statistical reports provided to members only.
  2. Access to GHRA monthly newsletter.
  3. Access to Hospitality Guahan Quarterly Publication.
  4. Access to membership survey information (wage/benefits/marketing).

  1. Donations are made to local charitable organizations, which include, but are not limited to, the American Red Cross, the Lend-a-Hand Foundation, the Guam Visitor Industry Education Council.
  2. Community related promotions are organized such as the Pacific Hotel and Restaurant Expo, Guam Big Summer Festival Kick-off, Pastries in Paradise, the Jingle Bell Run, and Tourism Appreciation Day.
  3. Organized employee sports activities/leagues for member companies.
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