• Hand Billing was introduced to safeguard Guam’s image as a safe and family oriented destination. 
  • The Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) was created as a new fund based on the room charges collected monthly in a hotel and lodging house is 11percent of the rental price charged or paid per occupancy per day.  The rate for a registered bed and breakfast is four percent of the rental charged or paid per occupancy per day.


  • The Legislature introduced Bill 156 calling for an increase in the hotel occupancy tax from the current 11% to 13% effective September 1, 2006.  GHRA successfully defeated the bill.


  • 2010 ADA standards are composed of updated versions of:
    • Department of Justice Regulations (DOJ) 28 CFR 36 Subpart D (Title III).
    • Public accommodations including Transient Lodging (e.g. hotels) and condominium properties that operate like hotels.
    • Commercial facilities (e.g. shops, restaurants).
    • 2004 ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) published by the US Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) sets the design standards.

Link to 2010 ADA Standards


  • OSHA established an Alliance Agreement with GHRA to serve as a resource and bridge the industry by keep its members informed and trained with OSHA courses to ensure compliance and increase the employees’ understanding of hazard analysis, accident prevention and control. 
  • GHRA partnered with the Guam Environmental Protection Agency to provide training on new pesticide regulations for basic training A, B and C. Public Law 30-197 updated Guam’s pesticide regulations after 30 years and went into effect October 2011. Workshops, trainings and certifications were completed for thousands of industry employees. 


  • Through the GHRA and OSHA Alliance Program, OSHA works with groups committed to worker safety and health to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. OSHA and the groups work together to develop compliance assistance tools and resources, share information with workers and employers, and educate workers and employers about their right and responsibilities.

Link to the 2012 GHRA and OSHA Alliance Presentation


  • GHRA and the Guam Fire Department conducted fire safety audits to establish fire lanes, fire connections and emergency access for each member hotel.


  • The Legislature passed into law the Responsible Alcohol Server & Seller Act requiring all employees with an ABC license card to attend responsible beverage training with an approved institution by the ABC License Board.  GHRA worked closely with the legislature to make amendments to the bill for portability, improved access to trainers and longer terms for the license.


  • GHRA was in support of updating the definition of hotel, lodging and bed and breakfasts to include short and long term rental facilities, which will allow the Department of Revenue & Taxation to recognize Air B&B and vacation rentals as an approved lodging facility on Guam, which is subject to the appropriate taxes including HOT, GRT, and other fees in order to attain occupancy permits and insurance, to ensure Guam is a safe destination.


  • In 2015 and 2016, GHRA educated the business community, media and government agencies on the existing law regarding Lifeguards on beach front property, which only requires hotels and other persons using beach front property commercially for recreational purposes to employ full time certified lifeguards from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (e.g. PIC Guam).
  • In 2016, Proposed Rules and Regulations governing the issuance of sanitary permits included changes to the fee structure and the type of employees who will need health certificates.  Implementation dates have been extended until further notice.

Link to Rules and Regulations Sanitary Permits

Guam Food Code

The Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) is proposing to adopt the Guam Food Code to replace the existing “Rules and Regulations Relative to Eating and Drinking Establishments” and apply this document for the regulation of all retail food facilities on Guam. 

Link to Guam Food Code

GHRA Safety Audit - HSE Pacific produced an inspection checklist for GHRA Members