In 2003, the legislature and administration increased the Gross Receipts Tax (GRT).  GHRA called for the repeal of the GRT increase retro-active to March 1, 2003.  The business community worked together to successfully get the repeal approved.

In 2007, GHRA worked with the Committee to Keep Guam Working to gather signatures and collect oral and written testimonies from thousands of members to object to tax increases.  Instead of increasing taxes, the legislature and administration agreed to look at improving collections at the Department of Revenue & Taxation.  GHRA served on the committee.

In 2007, GHRA opposed Bill 74 which became P.L. 2902.  GHRA argued that the legislative process was fast tracked and the passage of the bill did not have any cost justifications or economic impact analysis.  Later, GHRA went on record during the budget bill process in 2008 opposing additional increases in fees and taxes that equated nearly $50 million in 2007.  The Legislature did not pass the budget bill in 2008 with any additional tax increases and required that any new fees would go through the appropriate processes in the future (e.g. AAA process).