Food And Beverage

Mission: Support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as a friendly, enjoyable and customer service-oriented holiday destination offering top-quality service to our visitors.

Duties: Offer excellent training to increase employee skills and, ultimately, the service provided to our guests. Foster superior knowledge of all aspects of food and beverage operations.


  •  Support the local economy by working with local farmers to grow products in sufficient numbers that can be used by all hotels and restaurants.
  •  Improve health and sanitation regulations.
  •  Improve ABC rules and regulations.
  •  Highlight and recognize employees’ special skills and talents through competitions and special events.
  •  Increase employee skills through better training, internships, apprenticeship, certification and educational programs.
  •  Work with Guam’s educational institutions to establish curriculum that will ensure graduates are properly trained and motivated to enter Guam’s workforce, thus benefiting both employers and visitors.
  •  Continue successful partnerships with other organizations that support GHRA’s mission (e.g., Micronesian Chefs’ Association, GCC Culinary Arts Academy, Pro Start LMP Competitions).