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The Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association advocates just legislation and government regulations governing the conduct of business

These are the bills that affect you:

30th Guam Legislature

  • PL 30-63 – Relative to Prohibiting Smoking within Twenty (20) feet of an entrance or exit of a public place where smoking is prohibited
  • PL 30-143.2 – Relative to Exemptions from Hotel Occupancy Tax
  • PL 30-184 – Relative to Creating the Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Standard for Diesel Fuel in Guam
  • PL 30-186 – Relative to Increasing the Minimum Legal Drinking Age

31st Guam Legislature

  • PL 31-10 – Relative to prohibiting the possession, selling, offering for sell, trading, or distribution of shark fins, rays and ray parts

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