Allied Members

Ambros, Inc.

Thomas G. Shimizu, General Manager
P.O. Box A, Hagåtña, Guam 96932
Telephone: (671) 477-1826/8 • Facsimile: (671) 472-1826

In 1948, Ambros Inc. started doing business selling surplus beer from the military; brands like ‘Iron City’, ‘Acme Beer’, and ‘Blatz’. In August 1949, the company registered formally with the government doing business as Ambros Incorporated. The company has branches in Saipan and Palau plus major distribution network that services Majuro, Ebeye, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap, and Rota. The current wholesale portfolio includes Anheuser-Busch, Kimberly Clark, Bristol Meyers Squibb, FIJI, Itoen, Unilever, SC Johnson, Commonwealth and various wine/liquor products. Ambros, Inc. has always been a good corporate citizen. The company is a charter and founding member of the Guam Chamber of Commerce. It is a strong supporter of and contributes to many sports to include baseball, soccer, rugby, basketball, bowling, racing and softball not only in Guam but throughout Micronesia. It is also a main sponsor of the Guam National Olympics Committee (GNOC). In addition it has contributed to island games and festivals throughout Micronesia as well as many charitable activities and fundraisers. The most recent commitment to the community was through the I Recycle Program. Along with seven other corporate partners, the I Recycle Program was founded on the sole mission to develop, implement and promote a recycling program on Guam to reduce the solid waste in the Guam Landfill while providing the Guam Public and Private Schools systems a means to raise funds through a pro-active educational program. It has been almost three years in the making but the program is now in full force and the first 20 foot container of recycled aluminum cans is slated to leave island by April. If Guam recycles all of its aluminum cans which is estimated at 79.2 million cans per year or 2.2 million pounds, the I Recycle Program can potentially raise $1.7 million dollars for the participating 40 schools (this is at an average of about 78 cents per pound). Ambros Inc. was founded by Ambrosio Shimizu, the company current owners are his sons: Frank Shimizu, Chief Executive Officer; Joseph S.N. Shimizu, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; and Paul S.N. Shimizu, Secretary. Frank Shimizu says, ‘When we first started out in 1949, the first shipment to the island was 500 cases of Budweiser. 55 years later, we are still providing the best quality products to the island. We are an island company; our roots and homes are here in Guam. Ambros Inc. has been at the forefront and will continue to give back to the community. We are glad to call Micronesia our home’ our customers are our neighbors and our consumers are friends and families ‘it’s all good!’


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