Committee Profiles

Committee Profiles


Chairman, Gabe Simon
Phoenix Pacific (Guam), Inc
Telephone: 646-6461 | Facsimile: 649-9688

Vice Chairman, Mohamed Jiffry,
Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
Telephone: 649-9000 | Facsimile: 647-9068

Secretary, David Perez,
Baldgya Group
Telephone: 649-7263 | Facsimile: 649-7262

Engineering & Environmental Committee

Mission: Support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as a healthy, safe, clean and environmentally friendly holiday destination offering quality services to our visitors.

Duties: Address environmental, infrastructure and utility issues on a timely basis; maintain facilities in excellent and safe conditions; instill a sense of pride and quality in employees through superior knowledge of all aspects of engineering and environmental operations.


  • Support the ongoing education of committee members on technology and energy-saving/recyclable products and services.
  • Coordinate, present and lobby the opinions of committee members
  • Support the interaction of committee members by encouraging the sharing of technical information, as well as provide assistance to other members and government agencies during crises.
  • Keep GHRA Board of Directors up-to-date on any problems related to individuals or collective memberships and providing advice on resolving problems.
  • Award and recognize properties with high standards of quality in an ongoing effort to encourage continuous support of tourism on Guam.


Chairman, John Falan
Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort
Telephone: 646-2222 | Facsimile: 649-4701

Vice Chairman, Josh Suka
Eat Street Grill
Telephone: 989-7327

Secretary, Jennifer Mallo
Fiesta Resort Guam
Telephone: 646-5881 | Facsimile: 646-6729

Food & Beverage and Public Relations & Marketing Committee

Food and Beverage Committee

Mission: Support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as a friendly, enjoyable and customer service-oriented holiday destination offering top-quality service to our visitors. Duties: Offer excellent training to increase employee skills and, ultimately, the service provider to our guests. Foster superior knowledge of all aspects of food and beverage operations.


  • Support the local economy by working with the local farmers to grow products in sufficient numbers that can be used by all hotels and restaurants.
  • Improve health and sanitation regulations.
  • Highlight and recognize employees’ special skills and talents and talents through competitions and special events.
  • Increase employee skills through better training, internships, apprenticeship, certification and educational programs.
  • Work with Guam’s educational institutions to establish curriculum that will ensure graduates are properly trained and motivated to enter Guam’s workforce, thus benefitting both employers and visitors. – Continue successful partnerships with other organizations that support GHRA’s mission (e.g., Micronesian Chef’s Association, GCC Culinary Arts Academy, Pro Start LMP Competitions).

Public Relations & Marketing Committee

Mission: Support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as the holiday destination of choice for visitors.

Duties: Encourage the tourism industry to work together in its promotional activities while providing a unified message to visitors. Instill a sense of pride and hospitality in visitor industry employees and the island community through private training and public education of the benefits of tourism on the island’s economy.


  • Promote Guam through special events on Guam and abroad.
  • Provide a unified message to visitors.
  • Regularly examine and focus marketing efforts on areas offering a diversified and gainful visitor base.
  • Encourage production and compilation of visitor studies amied at meeting the needs of our market.
  • Encourage active participation from visitor industry members in GHRA activities, and work in conjunction with other GHRA committees.
  • Promote the benefits of tourism to Guam’s economy through public education and training.


Chairperson, Donna Laguana
Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
Telephone: 649-9000 | Facsimile: 647-9068

Vice Chairperson
Emma Macalino Fiesta Resort & Spa
Telephone: 646-5880 | Facsimile: 646-6729

Secretary, Jenny De Guzman
Hyatt Regency Guam
Telephone: 647-1234 | Facsimile: 647-1267

Treasurer, Josie Tumamak
Pacific Guam
Telephone: 646-8744 | Facsimile: 646-8748

Executive Housekeeping Committee

Mission: Support tourism in Guam by promoting the islands as a safe, clean and enjoyable holiday destination for our visitors.

Duties: Maintain facilities in excellent condition and instill a sense of pride, quality and professionalims in employees through superior knowledge of all aspects of housekeeping operations.


  • Highlight the importance of cleanliness throughout Guam and actively seek participation from other organizations on Guam committed to the same objectives.
  • Provide training opportunities to further educate housekeeping employees and invite Guam’s educational institutions to participate.
  • Make Guam a key destination for tourists and provide the best standards in hygiene, friendliness and courteousness among staff for guest retention.
  • Celebrate National Housekeeping Week and International Housekeepers’ Day in recognition of the valuable role and contributions of our visitor industry’s housekeepers.
  • Support, through fundraising events, the GHRA efforts in affording qualified employees off-island training.


Chairperson, Lea Panes
Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
Telephone: 649-9000 | Facsimile: 647-9068

Vice Chairperson/Secretary, Eric Chong,
Guam Community College
Telephone: 653-2313 ext 3614

Human Resources & Educational Committee

Mission: Foster a sense of pride and professionalism by offering excellent training and networking opportunities among human resources professionals.

Duties: Provide effective and proactive leadership in responding to global changes, governmental actions and community needs.


  • Increase professionalism of the industry’s workforce and promote career development through industry-recognized certification courses, internships and apprenticeships as well as training and education through partnerships with Guam Community College, the University of Guam and other off-island college and universities.
  • Facilitate inter-company training and sharing of resources among GHRA members.
  • Strategize on improving employer-employee relationships in creating a world-class hospitality workforce on Guam
  • Promote Guam by upholding the Hafa Adai spirit and the Chamorro culture while being sensitive to the multi-cultural environment on Guam.


Chairman, Joe Benavente
Guam Reef & Olive Spa
Telephone: 646-1835 | Facsimile: 649-6339

Vice Chairman, Julian Sabian
Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
Telephone: 646-1835 | Facsimile: 649-1190

Secretary, Nadine Perez
G4S Secure Solutions
Telephone: 646-8341 | Facsimile: 646-8332

Safety & Security Committee

Mission: Proactively participate with the public sector’s safety and protection agencies to maintain and strengthen the island’s reputation as a safe and peaceful paradise destination.

Duties: Promote professional preparedness, conscientious prevention and vigilance, and appropriate response by providing employees with development courses in safety and security as well as outsourcing specialized instructional training.


  • Provide a safe and secure environment at visitor facilities for both residents and visitors.
  • Augment federal and local safety and law enforcement departments when called upon.
  • Facilitate continuing education programs in the fields of public safety and security
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