Chairman's Message

Message from the Chairman

jeffrey-schweizer Dear friends, colleagues and fellow members of GHRA. I am honored by your confidence in electing me to the board, and the opportunity to serve as your Chairman for GHRA in 2018. I look forward to working with you to continue to make GHRA the premier trade organization that it has become. I want to thank the past Chairman and all the members of the board for their contributions during the past year, and I look to this year's board for their continued contribution and support. 2018 will proffer many challenges, not just as an organization, but as individual business owners and as a community. This past year we have seen many changes with political fragmentation, polarization and tension both internationally and in the U.S. mainland. In Guam, with an already flagging major source market, the looming conflict in North Korea delivered a major blow to this market. These issues have created a dynamic and challenging business environment - creating uncertainty within the community, for workers and business, with no concrete end in sight. Guam's current strategies to mitigate these challenges are small against these international forces. At the same time our island government, which continues to face financial shortfalls, will have more challenges with a new tax structure. In these uncertain times, I encourage all of you to prioritize your commitments and utilize this association to bring value to your business. It will be our strengths, our relationships, that will bring opportunity and a measure of stability in this challenging environment. As an organization we will need to take the long view of these challenges and encourage all the stakeholders' in our industry to do the same. Strategies based on quick fixes will extend the duration of the challenges and limit long term growth of our industry as well as the island and its economy. I look to all of you for your support this year, to weather these challenges, and to work together as an organization. Together with all the stakeholders of our island community, we can make Guam a better place to do business, and a better place to live. Si Yu'os Ma'ase. Jeffrey W. Schweizer Chairman
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