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Hafa Adai Members,

Having welcomed more than 1.55 million visitors to our beautiful island of Guam, the tourism industry worked diligently to increase seat capacity from Korea and realign marketing efforts and strategies to make significant changes within key source markets especially Japan. Kudos to industry stakeholders on recognizing the challenges that have negatively affected certain areas in the last several years and being working through the challenges to begin making an impact on the issues and arrival numbers!

In previous years, we saw the Japan market continue to decline while Korea experienced unprecedented growth. 2018 was an interesting year in that Korea showed growth and then signs of stabilization with the reduction in seats by Korean Air and Jeju Air. The 2018 year-to-date arrival number for the Korean market was up by nine percent (9%) when compared to 2017. Even though the Japan market started to show some signs of improvement, the number is still negative in overall arrivals. These shifts in the market have an impact to the price structure, profitability and differences in overall spend and purchasing behaviors within each key market segment.

For 47 years, GHRA continues to serve an important role in compliance and regulatory affairs, community relations, training and education, and sharing best practices within its membership to improve service standards. Guam’s tourism leaders need to address lower sales projections and revenues in ancillary services such as optional tours and transportation, which help add value to the overall travel experience.

GHRA is steadfast in its commitment to being the leading non-profit trade organization for the tourism industry and encourages all businesses to actively work together to address the opportunities ahead that create a challenging market for Guam to serve as a premier destination. With your support, GHRA will work hard to ensure continued success for the stability and growth in the tourism industry. Si Yu’os Ma’ase!

Mary P. Rhodes

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