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The Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association (GHRA) shall strive to be an active corporate citizen in the community and work with others to improve the overall quality of life on Guam. Its primary purposes are to:

  • Promote the highest standards of service and product quality in hotels and restaurants on Guam.
  • Advocate just legislation and governmental regulations governing the conduct of business.
  • Improve business-community relations through positive interactions with Guam’s citizenry.
  • Publicize the value and benefits of the island’s visitor industry to Guam’s economy.


Membership Notices Guidelines

As a member of the GHRA, the member is entitled to share important and industry related information to the entire membership base as long as the information relates to any part of the mission statement and will not be considered CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) which was passed by Congress in November 2003. CAN-SPAM does allow non-profit organizations to send advocacy messages without commercial content.


Members requesting to send information to the GHRA membership must:

  • provide the information to the GHRA office 48 hours advance notice before the intended delivery date
  • provide complete and truthful header information that accurately describes the contents of the e-mail
  • include company information
  • not solicit or have any commercial content, which may be labeled as an advertisement
  • not exceed 1 MB
  • not include information which violates privacy

For other forms of communications with GHRA members including solicitations or marketing information, a member or non-member may contact the GHRA office to purchase the membership database for a nominal fee. Otherwise, the membership database is available through the annual directory or the GHRA website.


The GHRA is allowed to send solicitations for GHRA sponsored events.


The GHRA is a private, non-profit trade association and values its membership, therefore consideration will not be given to requests where:

  • The message violates the GHRA mission statement
  • The message discriminates on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual preference or age
  • The message includes illegal activity
  • The message disparages the GHRA name and image
  • The member is submitting information for a third party
  • The organization is not a member of the GHRA.
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