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The Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association is a private, non-profit trade association, which began thirty-three years ago. On the 28 August 1972, a small group of hoteliers filed articles of incorporation with the Department of Revenue and Taxation for a new corporation to be known as the Guam Hotel Association, Inc.

In 1974, the six-member board (representing the Guam Hilton Hotel, The Cliff Hotel, the Guam Dai-Ichi Hotel, the Okura Hotel, the Fujita Guam Tumon Beach Hotel, and the Reef Hotel) amended its by-laws to include restaurants and renamed it the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association.

In 1992, the Association once again revised its by-laws; the following mission statement represents the attitude and philosophy of the Association’s membership.

The Guam Hotel and Restaurant association will strive to be an active corporate citizen in the community and work with others to improve the overall quality of life in the Island of Guam. Its primary purposes are to:

  1. Promote the highest standards of service and quality in the hotels and restaurants on Guam;
  2. Advocate just legislation and governmental regulations governing the conduct of business;
  3. Improve business-community relations through positive interactions with Guam’s citizenry; and
  4. Publicize the value and benefits of the island’s visitor industry to the territory’s economy.

The Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association is proud of its history and record of community service activities. It sponsors:

  • An annual Pacific Hotel and Restaurant Exposition (PHARE),
  • Academic scholarships in the visitor industry trades,
  • Training and educational opportunities,
  • Grant funds for civic projects,
  • An annual Gala Dinner,
  • Various special events.

Your company can also be counted among the ranks of hoteliers, restaurateurs and allied industry members. Just complete our application form or contact the GHRA office at:

  • Telephone: 649-1447
  • Mail: 140 Chalan Genghis Khan Suite 202, Tamuning, Guam 96931
  • Email: info@ghra.org

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