About GHRA



The Safety and Security Committee of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association is an organization within the hospitality industry, whose mission is to proactively participate with the public sector’s safety and protection agencies to maintain and strengthen the island’s reputation as a safe and peaceful paradise destination. Professional preparedness, conscientious prevention and vigilance, and appropriate response will be continued as the community standard. This mission will be achieved by providing the members’ personnel with further employee developmental courses in the committee’s fields-of-expertise as well as outsourcing to specialized instructional training. Another, will be in utilizing the physical assets at the members’ disposal to the best of its ability. All of which, will result in residents and visitors alike being safer and more likely to return to enjoy Guam’s facilities again.
The Objectives of the Safety and Security Committee are:

  • To provide a safe and secure environment at visitor facilities, for both residents and visitors;
  • To augment federal and local safety and law enforcement departments when called upon; and
  • To facilitate continuing education programs in the fields of public safety and security.

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