About GHRA



The Public Relations & Marketing Committee of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association is an organization within the visitor industry whose common mission is to support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as the holiday destination of choice for visitors. The mission will be achieved by encouraging the visitor industry to work together in its promotional activities while providing a unified message to visitors; by instilling a sense of pride and hospitality in visitor industry employees, as well as the island community, through private training and public education of the benefits of tourism to the island’s economy.
The Objectives of the Public Relations & Marketing Committee are:

  • To encourage active participation from visitor industry members in GHRA activities and GHRA committees; and
  • To promote the benefits of tourism to the island’s economy through public education, training and outreach campaigns.
  • To add value to the membership by promoting Guam through special events on Guam and having a unified message to visitors;
  • To increase membership and promote the value of membership;
  • To regularly examine and focus marketing efforts on areas offering a diversified and gainful visitor base and to focus on meeting the needs of our market;

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