About GHRA



The Human Resources & Education Committee’s mission is to foster a sense of pride and professionalism by offering excellent training and networking opportunities among human resources professionals. The committee will provide effective and proactive leadership in responding to global changes, governmental actions and community needs.
The Objectives of the Human Resources & Education Committee are:

  • Increase the professionalism of the industry’s workforce and promote career development through industry recognized certification courses, internships and apprenticeship as well as training and education in partnerships with the Guam Community College, the University of Guam and other institutes on- and off-island.
  • Facilitate inter-company training and sharing of resources amongst GHRA members.
  • To strategize on improving employer-employee relationships in creating a world-class hospitality workforce on Guam.
  • To promote Guam through the promotion of the Hafa Adai spirit and the Chamorro culture, while being sensitive to the multi-cultural environment on Guam.

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