About GHRA



The Food and Beverage Committee of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association is an organization within the visitor industry whose common mission is to support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as a friendly, enjoyable and customer service oriented holiday destination offering top quality service to our visitors. This mission will be achieved by offering excellent training to increase employee skills and, ultimately, the service provided to our guests, as well as by fostering superior knowledge of all aspects of food and beverage operations.
The Objectives of the Food and Beverage Committee are:

  • To support the local economy by working with the local farmers to grow products in sufficient numbers that can be used by all hotels and restaurants;
  • To improve Health and Sanitation Regulations;
  • To improve ABC rules and regulations;
  • To highlight and recognize employees special skills and talents through competitions and special events;
  • To increase employee skills through better training, internships, apprenticeship, certification, and educational programs;
  • To work with Guam's educational institutions to establish curriculum that will ensure graduates are properly trained and motivated to enter Guam's workforce, thus benefiting both employers and visitors alike; and
  • To continue successful partnerships with other organizations that support GHRA’s mission (e.g. Micronesian Chef’s Association, GCC Culinary Arts Academy, Pro Start LMP Competitions).
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