About GHRA



The Executive Housekeeping Committee of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association is an organization within the hotel industry whose common mission is to support tourism in Guam by promoting the island as a safe, clean and enjoyable holiday destination for our visitors. This mission will be achieved by maintaining facilities in excellent condition and instilling a sense of pride, quality and professionalism in employees through superior knowledge of all aspects of housekeeping operations.

The Objectives of the Executive Housekeeping Committee are:

  • To highlight the importance of cleanliness throughout the whole of Guam and to actively seek participation of other organizations on Guam committed to the same objectives;
  • To provide training opportunities to further educate Housekeeping employees and to invite Guam’s educational institutions to participate;
  • To make Guam a key destination for tourists and to provide the best standards in hygiene, friendliness, and courteousness among staff for guest retention;
  • To celebrate National Housekeeping Week and International Housekeepers’ Day in recognition of the valuable role and contributions of our visitor industry’s housekeepers; and
  • To help support, through fundraising events, the GHRA efforts in affording qualified employees off-island training.

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